Does Potting Soil Go Bad? When Does It Expire?

does potting soil go bad

Potting soils are great for gardening and growing healthy plant roots, but the sizes of the bags generally means you end up with some leftover soil. What do you do with the extra potting soil? Often times, you roll the bag up and put it in the garage until next season. But this usually leads …

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How to Start Seeds Indoors [& Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid]

starting seeds indoors

If you’re anything like me, you usually just buy baby plants at the store when spring comes around and you were ready to plant them outside. But starting seeds indoors is a great way to get a head start on the gardening season.  When I was a beginner, I just bought some random seeds and …

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How to Get Rid of Fungus Gnats

get rid of fungus gnats

If you’re like me and you generally have a black thumb, you probably know what fungus gnats are. They magically appear on indoor plants after you think you’ve been taking excellent care of them. When in reality, you’ve probably been overwatering the plants, creating a beautiful haven for fungus gnat larvae to thrive. And while …

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7 Best Organic Insecticides for Your Garden in 2022

best organic insecticide for vegetable garden

There is nothing quite like growing your own food in a vegetable garden. But the excitement of growing a vegetable garden can quickly wear off once you start seeing foreign insects and pests destroying your plants. You want to get rid of these pests, but you don’t want to contaminate your food with harsh chemicals …

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Basil Turning Brown? 8 Common Causes [+ How to Fix Them]

why are basil leaves turning brown

Basil is a great herb to get started with as a gardener. It can be grown in almost any outdoor or indoor garden. Between sweet basil, Thai basil, and large leaf Italian basil, there are plenty of basil varieties to be excited about growing. But there are a few common issues that come up when …

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14+ Common Basil Problems & Pests [& How to Fix Them]

common basil problems

While basil is often considered one of the easiest herbs to grow for new gardeners, that doesn’t mean it comes without its own problems when growing it. This guide will help you diagnose your basil plant problems and determine what the issue might be, and how to fix it. Table of Contents1 What’s Wrong With …

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The Best Seed Starting Soil for Your 2022 Garden

the best seed starting mixes

Getting a head start on your garden planning is a great idea, especially with a possible seed shortage due to the explosion of the gardening industry this year. Starting seeds indoors is a great way to do this because you can extend your growing season (especially if you’re in a cold weather climate), growing different …

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Are Peppers Self-Pollinating? [& How You Can Speed Things Up!]

are pepper plants self pollinating

Watching pepper plants grow in the garden is one of my favorite things. It’s fascinating to see the plants produce fruit and bear peppers. But keeping a pepper plant healthy and thriving can be a challenge. The process of pollination for peppers is something you have to keep in mind. Table of Contents1 Are Peppers …

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Do Humidity Domes Work? [+ Best Ones in 2022]

humidity domes

Starting seeds indoors for this years garden? The thing about seed starting is that you can make it as simple or as complicated as you want. You can put seeds in dirt, water them and hope for the best – or you can get a full-blown seed starting kit with a heat mat, humidity dome, …

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The Best Microgreen Trays in 2022: Sizes, Quality, & Types

microgreens trays

Growing microgreens can be an awesome hobby, or a great way to start a business doing something you love. But one of the main tools microgreen growers need, aside from seeds of course, are microgreen trays (also called germination trays). Microgreens grow on trays, that’s generally just how it works 🙂 You want to have …

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