11 Best Growing Medium for Microgreens in 2021

hemp mat microgreens

A growing medium serves a few purposes: to supply the roots water, air, nutrients, and support the plant. We’ll guide you through this process and discuss some of the more common questions people are asking about the development of microgreens. You can use a ton of different mediums to grow microgreens, but having a lot …

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7 Best Types of Cayenne Peppers 🌶 [& How Hot They Are]

dragon cayenne pepper

Cayenne peppers, also known as hot peppers or chili peppers, add amazing flavor to dishes and are even great to munch on by themselves (if you have some guts). They’re also known as the cow-horn pepper, and the bird pepper, which are also cultivars, if that wasn’t already confusing 🙂 It’s a type of Capsicum …

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The Best Microgreen Trays in 2021: Sizes, Quality, & Types

microgreens trays

Growing microgreens can be an awesome hobby, or a great way to start a business doing something you love. But one of the main tools microgreen growers need, aside from seeds of course, are microgreen trays (also called germination trays). Microgreens grow on trays, that’s generally just how it works 🙂 You want to have …

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How to Grow Swiss Chard Microgreens and Get High Yields

swiss chard microgreens

Are you planning on growing Swiss chard microgreens? Swiss Chard Microgreens can be grown in virtually any space, so they’re perfect for people who don’t have enough room for a garden. They also grow quickly, so you will not have to wait long before you can start harvesting them! To grow Swiss chard microgreens, plant …

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When to Pick Cayenne Peppers [& What to Do With Them]

how to pick cayenne peppers

Cayenne peppers are one of the easiest peppers to grow in the garden. And picking them is no different. They are delicious and can be used in so many fun ways! They’re not as spicy as jalapeños, and the heat doesn’t last as long, which is why I love growing cayenne peppers. Harvesting cayenne peppers …

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11 Ways to Use Cayenne Peppers [& How to Dry Them Properly]

cayenne pepper plant

Fresh cayenne peppers have become one of my favorite things to bring out of the garden. And while I love growing them, even just one cayenne pepper plant will give off a LOT of peppers over the course of the gardening season. So what the heck are you supposed to do with all those cayenne …

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7 Effective Ways to Keep Rabbits Out of the Garden

rabbit burrow

If you are searching for how to keep rabbits out of your garden, chances are that you have tried everything. It’s frustrating, I feel your pain. The truth is that there is no “one size fits all” solution to the problem. Different rabbits react differently to different repellants or deterrents and thus what works for …

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How to Keep Squirrels Out of Garden [& What They Eat Most]

squirrel on ground

Efforts to keep squirrels out of your garden can go a long way in terms of your sanity while gardening. There’s almost nothing worse than spending MONTHS growing tomatoes or some awesome pumpkin variety, and then you come out one day and there’s a huge chunk taken out of it, or even just a few …

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Radish Microgreens: The Best Types & How to Grow Them

Radish microgreens are delicious and so easy to grow at home. You can eat the microgreens raw in salads, sandwiches, and soups. Here is how to grow radishes efficiently so that you can enjoy them fresh from your own home all year long! Table of Contents0.1 What Are Microgreens?0.1.1 Radish Microgreens Snapshot1 What You’ll Need1.0.1 …

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